228 FW 6
Attendance at Department of Defense Schools in Guam and Puerto Rico

Supersedes Director’s Order 165, 02/17/04

Date:  August 28, 2007

Series: Personnel

Part 228: Insurance and Annuities



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6.1 What is the purpose of this chapter? This chapter establishes our policy for dependents of Service employees living in Guam and Puerto Rico who want to attend Department of Defense (DoD) elementary and secondary schools.


6.2 What is the policy?


A. Dependents of Service employees who live in Guam and Puerto Rico may attend DoD elementary and secondary schools at the Service’s expense if:


(1) They meet the eligibility requirements, and


(2) The Regional Director approves it.


B. The Region reimburses DoD for the cost of tuition.


6.3 What are the eligibility requirements? To be eligible for the program:


A. The parent or legal guardian must be:


(1) A full-time Federal civilian employee, and


(2) In a grade, position, or classification where they may be transferred or reassigned to locations where English is the language of instruction in the schools.


B. Dependent children must live with the parent or legal guardian.


6.4 Who approves payment of tuition for attendance at DoD schools? The Regional Directors approve or decline requests for dependent children to attend DoD schools at the expense of the Service. The Regional Directors may delegate this authority to the appropriate Assistant Regional Director.


6.5 What funds do Regions use to pay for tuition? The Regions must use existing funds to pay tuition. The Department and the Service will not provide additional funding for the program.


6.6 What is the approval process?


A. The employee’s supervisor sends the request in writing to the Regional office. 


B. The Regional Director may approve the request, or he/she may delegate approval to the Assistant Regional Director.


C. If the request is approved, the Regional Human Resources Office sends a signed certification of eligibility letter to the Chief, Division of Human Capital. The Chief, Division of Human Capital sends the request to the Department of the Interior’s Office of Human Resources. The eligibility letter must include:


(1) Full name of the parent or legal guardian, position title, and whether or not the employee is in the excepted service.


(2) Full name and age of each child who will attend the DoD school.


(3) Date of initial enrollment of each child.


D. The Office of Human Resources sends all requests to DoD’s School Board. DoD will only admit our employees’ dependent children to schools if they receive the certification documentation.


6.7 Does the Service have to pay for the dependents of employees working in Guam and Puerto Rico to attend DoD schools? No. This is a discretionary program subject to the approval of the Regional Director.


6.8 Are there any reporting requirements associated with this program? The Regional HR Office must prepare an annual report for the Chief, Division of Human Capital. The report must include all of the information from the eligibility letters. The Chief, Division of Human Capital, consolidates the reports and sends them to the Department.


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