U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service 223 FW 6, Merit Promotion and Placement 
FWM#:    315 (replaces FWM 015, 02/28/92; FWM 066, 01/07/93; and FWM 089, 05/19/93)

Date:        March 21, 1997
Series:      Personnel
Part 223:   Employment
Originating Office: Division of Personnel Management

6.1 Purpose. This chapter provides general information on merit promotion and placement within the Service.

6.2 Scope. This chapter applies to all positions in the Service except those in the excepted service and those in the Senior Executive Service.

6.3 Policy. The Department of the Interior's Merit Promotion and Placement policy (Exhibit 1) is also the policy of the Service.

6.4 Operational Guide. An Operational Guide has been issued to provide supplemental information on and assistance with the Department of the Interior's Merit Promotion and Placement policy. This Guide has been widely distributed and is available from servicing personnel offices.

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