U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service  201 FW 3, Directives of Other Agencies 
FWM#:      001 (new)
Date:          May 29, 1991
Series:        Administrative Procedure
Part  201:   Directives Management
Originating Office:  Division of Policy and Directives Management

3.1 Purpose. This chapter applies to other executive agency directives which have a substantial impact on Service operations, and assigns responsibilities for their implementation. The directives of other executive agencies may assign responsibilities and functions, delegate authority, prescribe policies and procedures, or interpret legislation and other directives. The Service is obligated, whenever these directives are applicable, to see that they are disseminated and implemented.

3.2 Responsibility.

A. The Division of Policy and Directives Management is designated as the single point of contact to receive action copies of Office of Management and Budget directives, and to refer or assign and coordinate internal responsibility for their implementation. In addition, the Division is designated as the point of contact with the Department's Office of Management Improvement for receiving drafts of proposed Office of Management and Budget directives, and for gathering and coordinating the preparation of Service comments on such proposals.

B. Assistant Directors to which other executive agency directives have been referred or assigned have the responsibility for their implementation. They will prepare for issuance appropriate Service directives (Fish and Wildlife Manual Release, Director's Order, etc.) to implement the incoming directive; or, if the incoming directive is sufficient in itself, to transmit it with explanatory information or as an attachment to a Service directive.

3.3 Descriptions of Other Agency Directives. A description of many of the executive agency and General Accounting Office directives that impact Service operations is published in 381 DM 3.

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