032 FW 2, Wildlife Resources

FWM#:      189 (new)
Date:         April 19, 1995
Series:       Delegations
Part 032:   General Program Redelegations
Originating Office: Division of Policy and Directives Management

2.1 General Provisions. Regional Directors may exercise all the authority of the Director for the conduct of Service wildlife programs, except as indicated below.

2.2 Migratory Bird Management. Regional Directors' authority in 2.1 does not include the following:

A. Conducting aerial surveys outside the United States.

B. Feeding of migratory waterfowl to prevent depredations under 7 U.S.C. 443 (Requisition of grain to prevent crop depredation by migratory waterfowl) where expenditure of funds for the acquisition of grain is required.

C. Executing foreign bird importation agreements.

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