030 FW 2, Criteria and Procedures for Delegating

FWM#:     074 (new)
Date:        March 10, 1993
Series:      Delegations
Part 030:  General Provisions
Originating Office: Division of Policy and Directives Management

2.1 Criteria for Delegating Authority. Prior to proposing that a delegation of authority be made, each of the following items should be considered:

A. The adequacy of written policies, standards, and procedures to guide the recipient of the authority. When specific policies, standards, and procedures do not exist, they must be adopted prior to or concurrent with the delegation of authority.

B. Whether or not a delegation to a lower level would provide substantially greater efficiency.

C. The training and qualifications of the proposed recipient(s).

D. The need for coordination on a Service or Regionwide basis.

E. What controls are necessary for monitoring how the delegated authority would be exercised.

2.2 Clearance and Issuance Procedures.

A. Format. All delegations must be made in writing, and the language of proposed delegations should be compatible with the language of the source of authority; for example, the wording of a statute, Executive Order, or Secretarial Order.

B. Designation of Recipients. Delegations of authority are prepared in terms of position titles rather than named individuals, with the exception of procurement and law enforcement authority. Normally delegations are made through the line of command. However; in the absence of special circumstances, such as personal fiduciary relationships; if authority is delegated to a supervisory official's subordinate, it is also vested in the supervisory official; that is, a supervisor is not bypassed.

C. Clearance. All proposed delegations of authority for the FWM must be submitted to the Assistant Director - Policy, Budget and Administration for recommendation to the Director.

D. Issuance.

(1) All delegations of a permanent nature must appear in the FWM. Temporary delegations may be issued as Director's Orders.

(2) Any delegation that significantly affects some sector of the public should also be published as a notice in the Federal Register. The Assistant Director - Policy, Budget and Administration should be consulted for guidance in the preparation of such notices.

(3) Any delegation that may not be further delegated, or may only be delegated with limitations, must specifically state such restrictions in the delegation.

2.3 Procedures for Delegations by Regional and Assistant Directors. Regional Directors and Assistant Directors should establish procedures for clearance and issuance of delegations of authority of a permanent nature similar to those in 2.2. Two copies of all delegations issued by Regional Directors and Assistant Directors are to be sent to the Assistant Director - Policy, Budget and Administration.

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