024 FW 1, National Conservation Training Center

FWM#:     329 (replaces FWM 244, 3/22/96)
Date:        May 5, 1998
Series:      Organization and History
Part 024:  Other Offices Reporting to the Director
Originating Office: Division of Policy and Directives Management

1.1 National Conservation Training Center. The National Conservation Training Center (NCTC), located in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, is under the general direction of the Deputy Director. The NCTC provides training to employees of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to ensure they have the necessary skills to accomplish the mission of the Service. It also offers training to conservation professionals from other Federal, State, tribal, and private entities on a reimbursable basis. To accomplish this, the NCTC develops, conducts and evaluates training programs; develops new training methods using alternative delivery methods and new technologies including distance learning; and administers and maintains facilities at their optimal level to assure an atmosphere conducive to learning. The NCTC also develops, tests, disseminates and evaluates educational materials, curriculum, and methods for education outreach programs of the Service. The NCTC seeks partners from other government and nongovernment entities in developing its education and training programs.

1.2. NCTC Oversight Committee. The NCTC Oversight Committee reviews and determines overall direction in both training and education outreach programs, recommends long-term budget levels, and approves priorities for student and organizational utilization of the Center. The Committee is composed of the Deputy Director and Assistant Director - External Affairs as permanent members, three Regional Directors on staggered, 3-year terms, and an Assistant Director on a 2-year term. The Director of the NCTC and the Chair of the Employee Development Committee are permanent, nonvoting members.

1.3. Center Director. The Center Director is responsible for the overall staff, program direction, and operation of the NCTC (Exhibit 1). The Director develops plans, policies, standards, and procedures that facilitate accomplishment of Service training and education activities and programs. The Director is assisted by an Assistant Director and one special assistant.

A. Division of Training. The Division of Training is responsible for delivery of training courses at the NCTC, at field locations, and using various distance learning media, such as videotapes and broadcast. The Division evaluates training needs, develops and designs courses, and prepares and plans the delivery of courses, often utilizing conservation professionals from the Service or other sources as instructors. Also, this Division evaluates the effectiveness of programs. Courses consist of basic and advanced seminars, workshops and courses in applied biology and new technologies, environmental laws and procedures, supervision and management, and other skills, such as negotiation, communication, and customer service, needed by conservation professionals.

B. Division of Education Outreach. The Division of Education Outreach is responsible for assisting in Service education outreach activities, including environmental education for schools, conservation education about Service programs, extension education to landowners, and interpretive services for visitors to Service facilities. The Division offers educational training and planning and technical assistance to Service Regions and field offices. Division staff also develop programs, curricula, and materials that can be easily adapted to specific field station needs.

C. Division of Training Materials Production. The Division is responsible for the development and production of training and education materials. Responsibilities include providing support to other NCTC divisions for the production of printed materials, classroom presentation materials, and videotapes. The Division coordinates and produces distance learning products and programs in print, video, computer, and broadcast formats that support training and education activities. Assistance with the production of audio-visual materials is provided to other Service offices. Also, this Division disseminates Service publications to the general public.

D. Division of Administration and Facility Operations. This Division is responsible for the daily operation and administration of the NCTC, including all financial, personnel, and contracting functions, facility management, and computing/telecommunications activities. The Division oversees the various contractors responsible for food service, guest services, facility maintenance, and security.

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