Description: FW 10 - Field Organization

FWM#:       327 (replaces 022 FW 8, FWM 162, 10/25/94)
Date:          March 6, 1998
Series:       Organization and History
Part 022:   Fish and Wildlife Service
Originating Office: Division of Policy and Directives Management

10.1 Regional Offices. There are seven Regional Offices which are largely operational in nature. They are responsible for the implementation of national policies in a line operation reporting to the Director. Regional Offices appraise and monitor their operations to ensure effectiveness and goal attainment for the Service, and recommend to Headquarters revisions in national policies, plans, and procedures. See Exhibit 1 for Regional Office boundaries.

A. Regional activities are carried out under the managerial and technical direction of the Regional Directors who are responsible to the Director for all Service operational activities within their Region. Regional Office addresses are listed in Exhibit 2.

B. In each Region, a Regional Director is aided by a Deputy Regional Director and a staff of Assistant Regional Directors, and is responsible for managing the Regional refuge and wildlife, ecological services, fisheries, administrative, and law enforcement activities. The Regional Director is responsible for ensuring the accomplishment of all assigned, scheduled, and budgeted activities through the efficient utilization of available resources, maintaining liaison with States, local interest groups, and the public within stated areas of responsibility; and providing supervision over subordinate Regional Office organizational components that are established on a geographical or functional basis, and supervises a widely geographically dispersed number of field offices. Due to variations from Region to Region, information concerning subordinate organizational components under Regional Directors for a specific Region may be obtained from the Director.

10.2 Detached Service Offices

A. The Fish and Wildlife Service Finance Center located in Denver, Colorado, is under the general direction of the Assistant Director - Administration and is responsible for implementing financial policies and procedures, processing all financial documents and transactions, preparing and maintaining official accounting records and reports, and producing and disseminating financial reports to Service managers. It operates and maintains the automated systems required to support the finance operations. This includes systems analysis and design support necessary to maintain financial automated data processing systems, and to identify and implement needed changes to the financial processing and accounting subsystems. The Center also provides financial support to the two Labor Department Job Corps Civilian Conservation Centers staffed and managed by the Service. This support includes obligation review, payment processing, and preparation of various financial management and regulatory reports.

B. The National Wetlands Inventory Center located in St. Petersburg, Florida, is under the direction of the Assistant Director - Ecological Services. The Center's functions are to plan, coordinate, monitor, gather, analyze, disseminate, and evaluate photographic information related to the location, quantity, conditions, and ecological importance of the Nation's wetlands. Responsible for producing scientifically correct wetland maps and statistics on the status and trends of wetland habitat; for providing training in the use of the Service's wetland classification system and the use of all national wetland inventory products; and for providing technical assistance in the areas of wetland botany, soils, hydrology, and general wetland ecology.

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