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Piping Plover
Charadrius melodus

The following maps were part of a U.S. Fish & Wildife Service proposal to designate critical habitat for the piping plover. For the latest on this designation, visit the piping plover critical habitat page.

Maps of Proposed Critical Habitat Units

Some of the maps below are "PDF" files. To view them, you may need to download and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader, free from Adobe, Inc.)

When viewing these maps please note that not everything within the map borders is critical habitat. For example, critical habitat does not include developed sites such as buildings, marinas, paved areas, and boat ramps. Read the critical habitat fact sheet for more information.

Maps of Breeding Areas
 (click on name to view map)

Great Lakes Counties New York
Illinois & Indiana Ohio
Michigan Pennsylvania
Minnesota & Northern Wisconsin Eastern Wisconsin

Maps of Wintering Areas (click on name to view map)

Overview of Florida / Georgia Units
Florida Units 01-03 Florida Units 33

Florida Units 04-08

Florida Units 34
Florida Units 09-14 Florida Units 35-36
Florida Units 15-21 Georgia Units 01-07
Florida Units 22-27 Georgia Units 08-13
Florida Units 28-32 Georgia Units 14-16
Overview of Mississippi / Alabama Units
Mississippi Unit 01 Mississippi Units 13-15
Mississippi Units 02-12 Alabama Units 01-03
Overview of North Carolina / South Carolina Units
North Carolina Units 01-06 South Carolina Units 01-02
North Carolina Units 07-10 South Carolina Units 03-07
North Carolina Units 11-15 South Carolina Units 08-11
North Carolina Units 16-18 South Carolina Units 12-15
Overview of Louisiana Units
Louisiana Unit 01 Louisiana Units 04-05
Louisiana Units 02-03 Louisiana Units 06-07
Overview of Texas Units
Texas Units 01-02 Texas Units 19-21
Texas Units 03-04 Texas Units 22-30
Texas Units 05-14 Texas Units 31-34
Texas Units 15-18 Texas Units 35-37

Updated: July 3, 2001