Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region
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Trails at Piedmont NWR

The Piedmont Visitor Center contains exhibits describing refuge wildlife and habitats. It is open Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm except on federal holidays.

The refuge is open to the public year round for visitation during daylight hours, except during big game hunts. Access to most parts of the refuge is by gravel road and foot travel paths. There are over 50 miles of refuge gravel roads that are open to vehicle travel most of the year. Hiking on the refuge is enjoyable throughout the year. Over 5 miles of walking trails are available. Trail maps are also available at the Visitor Center.

A parking area and three interconnecting wildlife trails are located adjacent to Allison Lake and the visitor center. These trails are limited to foot travel and involve some moderate walking over uneven and hilly terrain. The 0.9 mile Allison Lake Trail and the 1.3 mile Pine & Creek Trails interconnect and provide foot access through hardwood and pine habititat and views of Allison Lake. The Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Trail is 2.9 miles starting at Allison Lake and travels through an active colony site. Cavity trees are characterized by accumulations of white pitch and are marked by a painted white stripe at the base of the tree.

The Little Rock Wildlife Drive is a 6-mile auto tour route over narrow graveled roads. The self-guided tour consists of a series of numbered stops along the drive corresponding to a brochure available at the entrance of the drive or the refuge visitor center. Many different habitats can be observed including uplands pine, hardwoods, native grass fields, creeks, a pond and seasonally flooded areas. There are two hiking trails located near Pond 21 (Children's Pond) on the Drive that provide hiking opportunities. One trail is a 1/2 mile loop around the 10 acre pond. The second trail is a 1 mile loop along a gravel road through open native grass fields and seasonally flooded impoundments. This trail is seasonally open from February 16 to November 14 and is closed during peak waterfowl use.

Please remember: ticks and chiggers are present throughout the year and are especially bad in the summer and early fall. Use a strong insect repellent.



A thumbnail of Piedmont's trail map. Click to see full size.

Map of the trails at Piedmont. Click for full size.

A maple tree shows yellow and pinkish leaves

The colors of fall. Photo: USFWS.

Last updated: February 16, 2012