Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region
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Fishing at Piedmont NWR

Sport fishing on Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge is permitted only in creeks and on ponds designated as open to fishing. A free special permit is required to fish and all state regulations are in effect. One may be obtained at the Refuge Visitor Center or by contacting us. The Visitor Center (478 986-5441) is open 8am to 5pm weekdays, and on weekends and evenings permits are available at the Allison Lake kiosk and at the entrance to the Little Rock Wildlife Drive.

You may fish at Piedmont NWR beginning April 1st through September 30th during daylight hours only.



Boats with electric motors are permitted in all ponds open to fishing.  Gasoline motors are prohibited.  Boat ramp access is available only at Pond 2a.  

**To report a violation on the refuge please contact Refuge Officer Thomas Payne at Thomas_Payne@fws.gov or call the refuge office at 478-986-5441.


Species Limits and other Information

  • Daily: 5 catfish, 15 sunfish and 5 bass, minimum 12 inches in length, may be taken.
  • No minnows or fish are allowed for bait.
  • You may only use a rod and reel or pole and line to fish. Cast nets are not allowed.
  • Fishermen should stay at least 30 feet away from wood duck nesting boxes.
  • Fishermen may not place or throw feeds to attract fish.
  • Fishing Piers are located at Pond 2A and the Children's Pond.


Children's Pond (Pond 21A)

Fishing in this pond is restricted to children 15 years of age or younger. Adults may fish with children.

Click here for Hunting and Fishing Regulations. Permits are available at the Refuge Visitor Center.


Hydrilla Warning

Ponds 11a and 11b have been treated and monitored for Hydrilla, an invasive aquatic plant.  The refuge will continue to monitor all ponds and may restrict access if invasive species are identified.  After fishing or boating always clean your boat, trailer and vehicle before leaving the site. This can help stop the spread of invasive plants or animals to the next lake or river you visit.


Update on Allison Lake

The refuge drained Allison Lake in July 2008 to conduct much needed maintenance and repairs.  The construction of the dam and water control structure was completed in April 2011.  The refuge plans to finish removing the large silt deposits to restore the lake to its original depth.  Repairs to the boat ramp and fishing pier are also planned.  Construction will be completed by the end of 2011.  However the lake will not reopen for fishing for several years.



A boy sits on a bank with a fishing pole in hand

A boy sits fishing on a bank. Photo: USFWS.


A father helps his daughter fish off a dock

Father and daughter fishing off a dock. Photo: USFWS.

Last updated: July 25, 2011