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Type of Application/Purpose/Form No.

Safe Harbor Agreements

Native Endangered and Threatened Species/3-200-54 NOTE: Please do not fill out or submit the application form until you contact our nearest Field Office. The Field Office will provide guidance on developing complete and adequate application materials and will determine when the application form and materials are ready for submission.


See Purchase


Migratory Bird Specimens/3-200-10a

Samples, Biological

See Biological Samples

Samples, Biomedical

Import/Export/Re-export (CITES)/3-200-29

Scientific Collecting

See Collecting

Scientific Exchange

Museum Scientific Loan, Export/Re-import (ESA)/3-200-40
Non-commercial Loans/Donations (CITES)/3-200-39

Scientific Purposes, including Scientific Research

Also See Biological Samples
Birds, Exotic Live, Import (WBCA)/3-200-47
Eagles, Scientific Collecting/3-200-7
Endangered/Threatened Animals, Export/Import/Foreign Commerce/3-200-37
Endangered/Threatened Animals, Native, Take/Interstate Commerce/3-200-55
Endangered/Threatened Animals, Non-native, Take/Interstate Commerce/3-200-37
Endangered/Threatened Plants, Export/Import/Foreign Commerce/3-200-36
Endangered/Threatened Plants, Native, Take/Interstate Commerce/3-200-55
Endangered/Threatened Plants, Non-native, Interstate Commerce/3-200-36
Injurious Wildlife/3-200-42
Marine Mammals, Take/Import/Transport/Export/3-200-43
Migratory Birds, Scientific Collecting/3-200-7
Museum Scientific Loan, Export/Re-import (ESA)/3-200-40
Scientific Exchange (CITES)/3-200-39

Special Use Permits


Sport-hunted Trophy

See individual species listing

Sustainable Use

Approval of Management Plan for Exotic Live Birds (WBCA)/3-200-50

If you need additional information regarding your proposed activities, search in FAQ's/FACTS.