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Type of Application/Purpose/Form No.

Leopard, Southern African

See Import of Sport-hunted Trophies/3-200-19


Skins/Products, Export/3-200-26

Marine Mammals

Also See MMPA
Biological Samples (CITES), Export/Re-export/3-200-29
Live Captive-held Marine Mammals (CITES), Export/Re-export/3-200-53

Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA)

Enhancement, Take/Import/Transport/Export/3-200-43
See Polar Bear Sport Hunted in Canada, Import
Public Display, Take/Import/Transport/Export/3-200-43
See Pre-Act
Registration, Agent/Tannery/Inventory Form/3-200-44
Scientific Research, Take/Import/Transort/Export/3-200-43

Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA)

Also See Annual and Other Reports
Also See Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act
Also See CITES
Also See ESA
Also See Resident Canada Goose Nest Egg Registration
Depredating Birds/3-200-13
Migratory Bird Acquisition and Disposition Report/3-186A

Migratory Bird and Eagle Acquisition and Transfer Request/3-202-12
Notice of Transfer or Sale of Migratory Waterfowl/3-186
Raptor (CITES/MBTA), Export/3-200-25
Raptor Propagation/3-200-12
Scientific Collecting/3-200-7
Special Canada Goose Permit/3-200-67
Special Purpose Abatement Activities Using Raptors/3-200-79
Special Purpose - Possession for Education (Live or Dead)/3-200-10c
Special Purpose Game Bird/3-200-10e
Special Purpose Miscellaneous/3-200-10f
Special Purpose, Salvage/3-200-10a
Special Purpose Utility (Avian Mortality Monitoring)/3-200-81
Waterfowl Sale and Disposal/3-200-9

Migratory Birds

See Migratory Bird Treaty Act

Museum Scientific Loan

Specimens In Collections (ESA), Export/Re-import/3-200-40
Scientific Exchange (CITES)/3-200-39


See Scientific Purposes

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