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Type of Application/Purpose/Form No.

Canada Goose

Also See Resident Canada Goose Nest Egg Registration
Management Activities by State Agencies/3-200-67
Sale and Disposal of Captive-bred Canada Geese/3-200-9

Candidate Conservation Agreement with Assurances

Native Endangered and Threatened Species (ESA)/3-200-54 NOTE: Please do not fill out or submit the application form until you contact our nearest Field Office. The Field Office will provide guidance on developing complete and adequate application materials and will determine when the application form and materials are ready for submission.

Captive-born Animals

See Breeding, Captive

Captive-bred Wildlife Registration (CBW)

Captive-born, Non-native Endangered and Threatened Species (ESA)/3-200-41

Circuses/Traveling Animal Exhibitions

Export/Re-export/Re-import (and Reissuance) (CITES/ESA)/3-200-30


Also See Take
Birds, Salvage of Dead Specimens/3-200-10a
Birds, Scientific Collecting/3-200-7

Commerce, Foreign

Animals (ESA)/3-200-37
Plants (ESA)/3-200-36

Commerce, Interstate

Animals, Native (ESA)/3-200-55
Animals, Non-native (ESA)/3-200-37
Plants, Native (ESA)/3-200-55
Plants, Non-native (ESA)/3-200-36

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)

See African Elephant, Sport-hunted Trophy, Import
Alaskan Brown & Black Bear Skins/Products, Export/3-200-26
Alaskan Gray Wolf Skins/Products, Export/3-200-26
American Alligator Skins/Products, Export/3-200-26
American Ginseng, Export/3-200-34
Appendix-I Commercial Breeding Operation Registration/3-200-65
Artificially Propagated Plants, Multiple Commercial Shipment, Export/3-200-33
Biological Samples (CITES Appendix I and/or ESA)/3-200-37
Biological Samples, Import/Export/Re-export/3-200-29
Biomedical Samples, Import/Export/Re-export/3-200-29
Bobcat Skins/Products, Export/3-200-26
Captive-born Live Animals, Export/3-200-24
Circuses/Traveling Animal Exhibitions (and Reissuance)/3-200-30
Eagles, International Transport for Native American Religious Purposes/3-200-70
Eagles, International Transport for Scientific or Exhibition Purposes/3-200-69
Export, Animals, Live Captive-born/3-200-24
Export, Animals, Removed from the Wild/3-200-27
Export, Animals (CITES and/or ESA)/3-200-37
Export, Plants/3-200-32
Export, Plants, Artificially Propagated, Multiple Commercial Shipments/3-200-33
Export, Plants (CITES and/or ESA)/3-200-36
Export/Re-export, Plants, Exhibition by a Plant Society (CITES)/3-200-32
Import, Animals, CITES Appendix I and/or ESA/3-200-37
Import, Plants, CITES Appendix-I/3-200-35
Import, Plants, CITES Appendix I and/or ESA/3-200-36
Introduction from the Sea/3-200-31
See Leopard, Southern African, Sport-hunted Trophy, Import
Lynx Skins/Products, Export/3-200-26
Marine Mammals, Live Captive-held, Export/Re-export/3-200-53
Personal Pets, One-time Import/Export (WBCA)/3-200-46
Pet Passport, Multiple Cross-border Movement/3-200-64
See Pre-Convention
Raptors (CITES/MBTA), Export/3-200-25
Re-export, Animals/3-200-73
Re-export, Plants/3-200-32
Replacement Document/3-200-66
Retrospective, Supplemental Application/3-200-58
See Rhinoceros, Namibian Southern White, Sport-hunted Trophy, Import
River Otter Skins/Products, Export/3-200-26
Scientific Exchange/3-200-39
See Sport-hunted Trophy

Cooperative Breeding Program

Approval under WBCA/3-200-49
Import under an Approved Program (WBCA)/3-200-48

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