Permits External Affairs
Peregrine falcon, Nantucket National Wildlife Refuge. Credit: Amanda Boyd / USFWS
Elegant tern chicks and parent Credit: Brian Collins / USFWS  



Policies provide internal guidance to promote efficient and consistent implementation of laws and treaties administered by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to better protect listed animals and plants and their habitats.

•          Endangered Species Policies
•          General Conservation Permits (Proposed Policy)
•          Giant Panda, Issuance of Permits for Imports
•          Migratory Bird Permit Memoranda (Introduction, Nest Destruction, Educational Use Permits, Falconry

Education Programs, Use of Pole Traps for Capturing Depredating Raptors, Abatement Activities Using Raptors)
•          U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Policies (CENTRALIZED LIBRARY)


Handbooks are used to outline good or acceptable practices.  They do not have regulatory effect. 

•          Habitat Conservation Planning and Incidental Take Permit Processing Handbook
•          U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Handbooks (CENTRALIZED LIBRARY)