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Type of Application/Purpose/Form No.

African Elephant

See Sport-hunted Trophy, Import

Alligator, American

Skins/Products, Export/3-200-26


Alligator, Skins/Products, Export/3-200-26
Ginseng, Export/3-200-34

Annual and Other Reports

Captive-bred Wildlife Registration (CBW)/3-200-41a
Migratory Birds and Eagles
- Depredation/3-202-9
- Eagle Depredation/3-202-11
- Eagle Exhibition/3-202-13
- Eagle Aviary/3-202-14
- Eagle Non-purposeful/3-202-15
- Eagle Nest Take/3-202-16
- Migratory Bird Acquisition and Disposition Report/3-186A
- Migratory Bird and Eagle Acquisition and Transfer Request/3-202-12
- Notice of Transfer or Sale of Migratory Waterfowl/3-186
- Raptor Propagation/3-202-8
- Rehabilitation/3-202-4
- Scientific Collecting/3-202-1
- Special Canada Goose/2-202-10
- Special Purpose Game Bird/3-202-6
- Special Purpose Miscellaneous/3-202-7
- Special Purpose Possession (Live and Dead)/3-202-5
- Special Purpose Salvage/3-202-3
- Special Purpose Utility(Avian Mortality Monitoring)/3-202-17
- Waterfowl Sale and Disposal/3-202-2


See Import, Export, or Re-export


Sport-hunted Trophy, Import/3-200-21

Artificially Propagated Plants

American Ginseng, Export/3-200-34
Export, Multiple Commercial Shipments (CITES)/3-200-33
Export/Re-export (CITES)/3-200-32
Export (ESA or ESA/CITES)/3-200-36
Foreign Commerce (ESA)/3-200-36
Import (ESA or ESA/CITES)/3-200-36
Interstate Commerce, Native Species (ESA)/3-200-55
Interstate Commerce, Non-native Species (ESA)/3-200-36

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