Division of Policy, Performance, and Management Programs

Division Chief - Vacant

Kathy Garrity, Deputy Chief

Mailing Address:
5275 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church, VA 22041-3803
PPM FAX: 703-358-1997 or 703-358-1981

Michel Bagbanon FDMS Comment Processing 703-358-1851 Michel_Bagbonon@fws.gov
Madonna Baucum Information Collection 703-358-2503 Madonna_Baucum@fws.gov
Krista Bibb

Centralized Library;
Plain Language,
Advisory Committees

703-358-1914 Krista_Bibb@fws.gov
Marcia Cash FDMS Administrator,
Centralized Library,
BPHC POC for eERDMS Records
BPHC POC for Forms
DOI Regulations Review - FWS Project Manager
703-358-2013 Marcia_Cash@fws.gov
Anissa Craghead Regulations
(Federal Register)
703-358-2445 Anissa_Craghead@fws.gov
Cathy Enoch Budget, Billing, Property,
Federal Register Billing
703-358-1805 Cathy_Enoch@fws.gov
Kathy Garrity

Internal Control,
FAIR Act Inventory;
Audit Coordination

703-358-2551 Katherine_Garrity@fws.gov
Kim Howze Organizational Performance Management
Government Performance and Results Act
Agency Priority Goals
703-358-2588 Kim_Howze@fws.gov
Kashyap Patel

Assists with Organizational
     Management and Government
     Performance & Results Act
Assists with Internal Controls

703-358-1957 Kashyap_Patel@fws.gov
Sara Prigan Federal Register Notice Processing;
Regulations Tracking, & Agenda
703-358-2508 Sara_Prigan@fws.gov
Susan Wilkinson Regulations
(Federal Register)
703-358-2506 Susan_Wilkinson@fws.gov
Last updated: February 20, 2018