Reports Management
Division of Policy, Economics, Risk Management, and Analytics

The Assistant Director - Budget, Planning and Human Resources is responsible for providing a Servicewide reports management program, as well as the management and evaluation of all reporting requirements to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The reports program encompasses national reports, both internal and external, including Service reports to the Director, Assistant Directors, and program and Regional Offices, as well as to Congress, OMB, and other Government agencies.

The objectives of the reports management program are to:

Provide officials within and outside the Service with timely information in a clear, useful manner;

  • Collect, process, transmit, and store national reports and report information through economical use of staff, funds, and equipment;
  • Use, to the extent feasible, appropriate technology to minimize data collection and processing efforts;
  • Maintain management control over the use of national reports to avoid the use of unnecessary or inappropriate reporting requirements; and>
  • Coordinate reports management with records management, and with other Service and Department of the Interior information systems.
The Division of Policy and Directives Management:
  • Receives, reviews, and analyzes recommendations for establishment or modification of national reports;
  • Maintains and updates the national reports appendix as necessary;
  • Assigns a report control system symbol to all approved internal reports;
  • Maintains control records for all national reports; and
  • Periodically reviews the Service reports management program as described in the FWS Manual at 281 FW 1.
PRB Contact: Kathy Garrity, (703) 358-2551,

Last updated: July 23, 2020

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