Patents and Inventions
Division of Policy, Performance, and Management Programs

A patent is a 20-year exclusive right to make, use, or sell an invention. An invention can be art, machinery, a manufactured item, design, or any new improvement that is patentable under the laws of the United States. 

Employees who develop inventions that contribute to the efficiency or economy of, or otherwise improve Government operations, may receive cash awards. They are also eligible to receive royalties. 

For more information on inventions and patents, read 402 FW 1 or contact Krista Bibb at (703) 358-1914.

The Division of Policy, Performance, and Management Programs administers and monitors the patents and inventions program and serves as liaison between the Service and the Office of the Solicitor. 

PPM Contact: Krista Bibb (703) 358-1914,

Last updated: February 24, 2017

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