Most advisory groups that Federal agencies establish or utilize and that have at least one member who is not a Federal employee, must comply with the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) of 1972 (Public Law 92-463). FACA recognizes the benefits of seeking advice and assistance from our citizens and helps ensure that the advice is both objective and accessible to the public.
There are many areas where the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service can benefit by obtaining advice from members of the public. It is important that we meet the requirements established by FACA.  Not doing so could result in the Service being prohibited from using any reports or other material originating from the advisory group.
FACA specifies the process for establishing, operating, overseeing, and terminating advisory committees, task forces, boards, and commissions. The Act encourages the use of open meetings, public involvement, chartering, and reporting. 

The Service has 13 active FACA committees:

11 nondiscretionary (created by statute) and 2 discretionary.

For information on a particular committee,

please contact the Designated Federal Officer or coordinator.


The Division of Policy, Performance, and Management Programs is the liaison with the Department on FACA activities and provides advice and guidance on FACA requirements. For general information on FACA, visit Part 107 of the Fish and Wildlife Service Manual or the General Services Administration (GSA) FACA Web site. GSA administers the program for the Federal Government.

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Last updated: January 08, 2020