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Public Laws

• Federal Advisory Committee Act of 1972 (FACA) (5 U.S.C. App).
• Government in the Sunshine Act (5 U.S.C. 552b)
• Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995 (2 U.S.C. 1501 et seq.).
• Negotiated Rulemaking Act of 1990 (5 U.S.C. 581-590).


• Public Contracts and Property Management Regulations, Federal Advisory Committee Management (41 CFR 102-3).


308 DM 1-8, Committee Management.
205 DM 16, Advisory Committee Management.
107 FW 1-5, Fish and Wildlife Service Manual.

Other Resources

Office of Management and Budget Circular A-135, Management of Federal Advisory Committees
Office of Management and Budget Memorandum 95-20, Guidelines and Instructions for Implementing Section 204,
   "State, Local, and Tribal Government Input," of Title II of P.L. 104-4
2001 Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) Final Rule

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Last updated: February 24, 2017