Nontraditional Partners and Communities External Affairs
Bayou Sauvage - Phi Beta Sigma 
(left to right) FWS Fish Biologist Cedric Doolittle, Sigma Beta Club Foundation President Arthur Thomas, NFL Player Aaron Morgan from the Indiana Colts, Refuge Manager Daniel Breaux, and Deputy Project Leader Pon Dixson.

Photos: Pon Dixson/Phi Beta Sigma

FY17-19 Accomplishments

The Division of Partners and Intergovernmental Affairs (DPIA) is responsible for, among other duties, establishing, managing and strengthening partnerships between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife. Service (Service) and national non-traditional organizations.

In addition to helping ensure that Service priorities are consistently and effectively conveyed to nontraditional partners, DPIA capitalizes on opportunities to expand communications and collaborations that benefit nontraditional organizations and communities.  In addition to Service-wide priorities, DPIA communicates program opportunities such as outdoor recreation and education events as well as internship, employment and funding opportunities that are of interest and value to all stakeholders.

Beyond increasing outreach and awareness, DPIA works with national nontraditional partners to increase engagement of nontraditional communities in conservation and others activities taking place in communities across the country.