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A Strategic Plan for the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program

Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program Vision Document PDF

phot of Blackfoot sceneryThe Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program has grown in size and scope since it's beginning in 1987 and has gained national recognition as a vanguard in the new era of cooperative conservation. As a result, the public investment in the Program has increased along with a commensurate requirement for accountability.

A 5-year Strategic Plan for the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program was finalized in 2007. The Plan addresses these important issues: how we identify needs and opportunities to serve our mission; how we strive for efficiency and effectiveness in our Program operations; and how we measure and account for our accomplishments.

Stakeholders from around the country have and will continue to provide valuable guidance. At the outset of the strategic planning process, an outreach effort was conducted throughout the country to provide stakeholders the opportunity to reflect on the internal and external factors impacting the Programs’ current performance and future accomplishments. That input provided valuable direction for the design and content of this document. Of note, the vast majority of the more than 400 stakeholders involved expressed strong support for the Program citing its on-the-ground accomplishments, flexibility, technical expertise, and responsiveness to the needs and values of property owners and local communities as important strengths.

Additionally, in 2002 and 2006, the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) conducted a Performance Assessment Rating Tool (PART) review of the Partners Program. The review outlined expectations for and means by which the Program can achieve greater efficiencies and higher returns on investments through focused planning.

This external guidance has been coupled with the experience, knowledge, and dedicated foresight of the staff of the Program to produce our 5-year Strategic Plan, which articulates our philosophy, goals, and desired operational outcomes.

The Strategic Plan for the program consists of three parts:

Part 1 - "Vision Document" describes the program and its five major goals;

  • Conserve Habitat - Restore and Protect Priority Habitats to Increase and Maintain Federal Trust Species and Populations
  • Broaden and Strengthen Partnerships - Accomplish our work through voluntary partnerships
  • Improve Information Sharing and Communication - Collaborate and share information and concerns with our partners, stakeholders, potential future partners, decision-makers, and others to protect, resolve, restore and enhance Trust Resources
  • Enhance Our Workforce - The staff of our Program is our most important resource. Maintaining and supporting this staff is the key to success in achieving on the ground results for Federal Trust Species
  • Increase Accountability - Measure, assess, and report on the effectiveness, efficiency and fiscal integrity of our habitat conservation programs and activities.

Part 2 - "Regional Strategic Plans"

Each Region has identified geographic focus areas, accomplishment targets and anticipated benefits to Federal Trust Species with input from conservation partners and stakeholders. For information about Regional Strategic Plans contact the Regional coordinators for the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program or visit the website for each of the Regions listed on the "Contact Us" tab.

Part 3 - "National Summary Document" will reflect a national overview of habitat priorities and targets based on the Regional Strategic Plans.

Photo of cover of National Summary DocumentStrategic Plan - Partners for Fish
and Wildlife Program National Summary
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For information about this process you can contact our Washington office:

Branch of Habitat Restoration
Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program
4401 North Fairfax Drive, Room 750
Arlington, VA 22203
703/358 2201 [FAX: 703/358 2232]


FY2010 Accomplishment Report
FY2010 Accomplishment Report


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