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Panama City Ecological Services / Fish & Wildlife Conservation Office Supervisors
  Dr. Catherine Phillips Field Supervisor ext. 242
  Mark Cantrell Deputy Field Supervisor/ Field Supervisor FWCO ext. 250
  Dr. Sean Blomquist Deputy Field Supervisor, Ecological Services ext. 233
Budget and Administration
  Joel Arroyo Administrative Staff, Travel, Biological Opinions, FOIA's, Purchasing, Uniform Coordinator, FIS, Payroll, Time & Attendance ext. 235
  Angela Munson Administrative Support Assistant, Outreach ext. 247
  Larry Tucker Administrative Staff, Correspondence, Mail, Building Manager, Equipment Custodian, Service Asset Maintenance Systems ext. 227
Ecological Services
  Lydia Ambrose Biologist, GIS Data Manager, CBRA Determinations, Manatee ext. 223
  Patty Kelly Biologist, Candidate Conservation, Shorebirds, Panama City Crayfish, Red Knot, Migratory Birds, Red-cockaded Woodpecker, Forest Service lead, FEMA lead, Corps-coastal projects POC ext. 228
  Paul Lang Ecologist, GIS Coordinator, Landscape Ecology, Spatial Ecology, SHC, Wood Stork, Bald Eagles, SALT ext. 230
  Gayle Martin Ecologist, GIS, NWR Lead, Spatial Analysis (850) 867-6222
  Dr. Jeffrey Ackley Ecologist, Liason for Florida Dept. of Transportation Projects ext. 226
  Harold Mitchell Ecologist, Flatwoods Salamander, Indigo Snake, Gopher Tortoise ext. 246
  Dr. Vivian Negron-Ortiz Botanist, Florida Recovery Coordinator, Plant Recovery, Imperiled Plant Species, Lichen ext. 231
  Sandra Pursifull Ecologist, Listing, Consultation, Freshwater Mussel Recovery ext. 240
  Melody Ray-Culp Biologist, Coastal Program Coordinator, CBRA Consultation, Gulf Restoration Program ext. 232
  Channing St. Aubin Ecologist, Contaminant Issues, RESTORE Act, EPA ext. 248
  Dr. Maureen Walsh Ecologist, Apalachicola/Chattahoochee/Flint River Basin (ACF) Coordinator, Consultation, Fish and Mussel Recovery, USACE, FERC ext. 234
  Kristi Yanchis Ecologist, Consultation, HCPs, Beach Mice, Recovery, NPS Lead ext. 252
  Lisa Yarbrough Biologist, Coastal Uplands, Recovery & Consultation, Sea Turtles, USAF Lead ext. 225
Fish & Wildlife Conservation Office
  Todd Gerardot Biological Science Technician, Aquatic and Terrestrial Monitoring ext. 239
  Andrew Hartzog Fish Biologist, Striped Bass restoration, Shoal Bass Coordinator, Stream restoration, Aquatic monitoring ext. 238
  Dr. Adam Kaeser Fish Biologist, Gulf Sturgeon Recovery Coordinator, Gulf sturgeon and Mussel research and recovery, Sonar habitat mapping and biological applications ext. 244
  Chris Metcalf Fish Biologist, Stream restoration, Partners for Fish and Wildlife, SARP Conservation Delivery Coordinator ext. 224
Air Force Partnerships
  Dr. Rob Aldredge Biologist (Liaison), Avon Park Air Force Range, Section 7 Consultations, Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan (850) 630-3131
  Danielle Bumgardner Biologist, Tyndall AFB, Sea turtles, Gopher Tortoise and Bald Eagle monitoring, habitat restoration Send email
  April Clark Biologist, Tyndall AFB, Beach mice Send email
  Melanie Kaeser Ecologist, Tyndall AFB, rare plant species, longleaf pine ecosystem restoration, ecological monitoring (850) 381-7853
  Rain Ketzler Biologist, Eglin AFB, Biological Technician Send email
  Bill Tate Supervisory Fish Biologist, Eglin AFB, Aquatic ecosystem monitoring, Non-game fishes research and recovery (850) 883-1189
  Jeffrey Van Vrancken Ecologist, Eglin AFB, Biological data management, Aquatic ecosystem monitoring, Invertebrate identification (850) 883-1195
Joint Locations for Law Enforcement / SARP / ACJV / USDA
  Scott Englister Special Agent (employee of North Florida FO stationed in Jacksonville, FL) (850) 402-0573
ext. 2
  Dr. Jessica Graham Contractor, Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership Coordinator ext. 229
  Kirsten Luke Contractor, Atlantic Coast Joint Venture (Region 5) ext. 253
  Caleb Eunice USDA - APHIS (912) 288-1932


Last updated: April 17, 2018