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Sonar mapping process
Credit: Adam Kaeser

Tools and Training

  • An Illustrated Guide to Low-cost, Side Scan Sonar Habitat Mapping
    (full guidebook download)

    This 300+ page guidebook represents the fully annotated version of a full-day workshop providing the foundational training for low-cost sonar habitat mapping. Topics covered include side scan sonar basics, image interpretation, mission planning and execution, sonar image geoprocessing, habitat mapping, and map accuracy assessment. The complete guidebook can be downloaded and accessed via the associated zip file. To facilitate online viewing, the program has been subdivided into 7 parts; each can be downloaded and viewed by clicking on the individual links (A through G).

  • Sonar Imagery Geoprocessing Workbook

    This workbook represents an illustrated, step-by-step guide to the processing of raw sonar imagery obtained using the Humminbird® Side Imaging system using custom tools developed by Thom Litts. This technical workbook is meant to accompany the “Illustrated Guide to Low-Cost, Side Scan Sonar Habitat Mapping” and relates specifically to the section on Geoprocessing. The workbook covers in detail all of the processing steps required to transform raw imagery into sonar image maps- seamless raster layers that overlay the surveyed area in a GIS. The “Sonar Demo Dataset” accompanies this workbook; it is provided for practical demonstration and training purposes.

  • Sonar Demo Dataset

    This dataset is used during the practical demonstration of image geoprocessing as described in the Sonar Imagery Geoprocessing Workbook. Raw sonar survey data is provided within this directory, in addition to ArcGIS projects (9.x and 10.0 levels) that contain the embedded, custom tools developed exclusively for Humminbird® sonar image geoprocessing.





Last updated: February 13, 2017