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Air Force Partnerships

USFWS Southeast Region and United States Air Force Partnership

The US Air Force is steward to millions of acres of lands used for national defense purposes that include a variety of intact ecosystems, including habitat that harbors listed and at risk species.  An interagency agreement between the USFWS and Air Force solidifies the cooperation between the agencies in relying on Service expertise to execute a program to protect and enhance the ecosystems under Air Force stewardship.  This also benefits the Service's mission for the American people in that it allows protection of lands and waters that are essential for conservation and sustainment of listed and at risk species while at the same time allowing the Air Force to maintain mission flexibility while complying with Federal laws.


Florida Air Force Base information
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Florida USFWS/Air Force Partnership

In the state of Florida, the Air Force manages more than 625,000 acres of land from the panhandle to the southern end of the peninsula, including eight installations.  The USFWS has biologists stationed on Avon Park AFR, Tyndall AFB, and Eglin AFB who assist with a variety of collaborative work including, ecological monitoring, prescribed burning habitat restoration, species recovery, guidance for mission avoidance and minimization measures, and assistance on public use and recreation management.



Last updated: April 17, 2018