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Longleaf pine
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Landscape Conservation Cooperatives


Landscape Conservation Cooperatives, or LCCs, are public-private partnerships (cooperatives) facilitating planning, design, and implementation of conservation strategies for fish and wildlife species at the landscape level. While they are underwritten by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the cooperatives are self-governing with few limitations on composition and structure. The LCCs set their own priorities and basic rules of the road.

         U.S. LCC Map
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LCCs are designed to develop and gain consensus on a common vision for renewable natural resources and inform people how they can contribute to this vision. They provide a venue where agencies, landowners, scientists, advocates, and even the guy on the street can all contribute their ideas. What habitats are needed to maintain viability of imperiled species? What corridors are needed to allow species to adapt to changing future conditions? What are the scientific questions that still need to be answered? What new tools do we need to improve on-the-ground, so-called “conservation delivery,” efforts?

You can learn more about LCCs in Florida at the links below. Check them out and join in the conversation!



Last updated: April 17, 2018