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Ted in wetlands
  Cypress trees
Credit: Paul Lang



Wetland Conservation Prioritization Model



The SHC approach challenges us to work strategically, to employ means to help us to place our limited resources in those places that give us the most conservation benefit. In an effort to embrace this paradigm shift, in some respects, the Panama City Field Office is looking to develop prioritization models for the major ecosystem that occur within their work area (wetlands, coastal, bays & estuaries, etc.). To this end, we decided to attempt to tackle wetlands first for several reasons: availability of data, importance of this resource within our work area, etc. Therefore, our wetland biologist, Ted Martin, convened a meeting of our Pinelands & Wetlands Ecosystem Team to pose them the question: “What makes a wetland important?” Their response(s) became the foundation from which we built our model.




Last updated: February 13, 2017