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Panhandle Regional Envirothon

Chris with Envirothon students
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Envirothon Brochure

The Envirothon is a hands-on environmental problem-solving competition for high school-aged students in the United States and Canada. Participating teams complete training and testing in five natural resource categories: i.e., soils and land use, aquatic ecology, forestry, wildlife, and current environmental issues. The Envirothon works in partnership with local conservation districts, forestry associations, educators, and cooperating natural resource agencies to organize and conduct competitions on the local, regional, state, and/or provincial level. Winning teams from each state and province advance to the North American Envirothon for an opportunity to compete for recognition and prizes.

The North American Envirothon is North America’s largest high school environmental education competition. Reaching more than 500,000 students across North America annually, the Envirothon succeeds in its mission to develop knowledgeable, skilled, and dedicated citizens who are willing and prepared to work towards achieving a balance between the quality of life and the quality of the environment.


Combining in-class curriculum and hands-on field experiences, the Envirothon program is an excellent way to supplement environmental education inside and outside the traditional classroom. Envirothon participants gain valuable knowledge and training in ecology and natural resource management principles and practices. Many students step away from the Envirothon experience excited about learning and motivated to pursue careers in environmental studies, environmental law, natural sciences, and natural resource management.


The Panhandle Regional along with The Big Bend Regional will be held on March 30th at Torreya State Park in Bristol, Florida.

State competition will be held at Mayakka River State Park located at 13208 State Road 72, Sarasota, Florida 34241.


This year, the registration forms are due by March 16th. Please follow the registration instructions. Email the registration form to Cathy Davis at

We will NOT be hosting a workshop this year.


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