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Cathy Phillips with RD Cindy Dohner
  Vivian Negron-Ortiz with RD Cindy Dohner
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Two Biologists Receive USFWS Southeast

Regional Director’s Awards



The Panama City Field Office wants to extend a heartfelt “congratulations” to two of its own.

Deputy Project Leader Dr. Catherine Phillips was honored for being a part of the Advancing Conservation Core Team. This distinguished team advanced Strategic Habitat Conservation through the development and implementation of workshops during the fall of 2012. Specifically, the team provided extraordinary leadership throughout the surrogate species training process. Each member was instrumental in making the workshops a success throughout the Region. In addition, each member provided significant review and comments to the Draft Technical Guidance for Selecting Surrogate Species; developed presentations for the training to illustrate many of the steps in DTG; and organized training in seven venues that collectively engaged hundreds of Service participants across the Southeast region.

Dr. Vivian Negron-Ortiz won the distinguished title of Biologist of the Year at the USFWS Regional Director Awards Ceremony. A botanist, Vivian was selected from biologists across ten states, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

She was recognized for her exemplary commitment to the conservation of federally protected plant resources in the Southeast and across the nation. She created partnerships with experts nationwide, and led a conservation initiative for federally listed and at-risk plants. Under her leadership, the team defined goals and objectives for working towards implementation. On a local level, she implemented numerous recovery actions, including monitoring and genetic studies on Miccosukee gooseberry, seedling recruitment evaluation for telephus surge with private partners, and setting priorities for Harper’s beauty conservation. In addition, Vivian completed a recovery plan for the endangered Gentian pinkroot.




Last updated: April 17, 2018