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  • eDNA and Lamprey Research and Monitoring

    Image from 'Native Lampreys of Oregon' brochure

    This document provides a reference for fisheries managers, biologists, and other stakeholders interested in learning more about environmental DNA (eDNA) and applying this technique to lamprey research and monitoring projects.

    Overview of eDNA and applications for lamprey research and monitoring

  • New Online 'Lampreys of Oregon' Brochure Published

    Image from 'Native Lampreys of Oregon' brochure

    The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has published a new online brochure that showcases the State's 10 native lamprey species, from Pacific Lamprey to Miller's Lamprey. 

    ODFW Native Lampreys of Oregon Brochure

  • 4th Annual Lamprey Information Exchange Goes Virtual in 2021

    Pacific Lamprey Conservation Initiative logo

    In 2021, the Pacific Lamprey Conservation Initiative's Lamprey Technical Workgroup will host a monthly (January-June) webinar series 11:00am - 1:00pm Pacific Time on the second Tuesday of each month. Registration required for each webinar. 

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  • California Creek, with Innovative Pacific Lamprey Passage Project, Recognized as 2020 Water to Watch

    The National Fish Habitat Partnership is recognizing San Luis Obispo Creek in California, nominated by the Pacific Lamprey Conservation Initiative, as a 2020 Water to Watch.  

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    Monitoring and Minimizing Effects of Dredging on Lampreys

    This document summarzes knowns and uncertainties regarding the effects of Human-Caused Substrate Disturbances (HSCD) on larval and juvenile lampreys, and provides best management guidelines for known HSCD to protect lampreys to the best extent possible. It is intended to be a “living document”, to be refined and revised as more is learned and additional case studies become available. 

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