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Regional Implementation Plans _


The Pacific Lamprey Conservation Initiative has three key components: the Assessment and Template for Conservation Measures; the Conservation Agreement; and Regional Implementation Plans.

Regional Implementation Plans are developed for each Regional Management Unit and include strategies and schedules for implementing conservation actions.

Pacific Lamprey distribution has been divided into Regional Management Units (RMUs) for the purpose of implementing conservation actions. This division facilitates a finer level of resolution for description of populations, distribution, and their habitats. It also provides a more optimal structure for collaboration on conservation and restoration activities

  • Regional Implementation Plans (RIPs)


    RIPs, derived from existing information and plans, are developed for each Regional Management Unit and include strategies and schedules for implementing conservation actions. RIP's are periodically updated. Current and archived plans are available here.

  • FY22 RIP Project Proposal Process


    Each year, RMUs meet to revise their RIPs and identify on-the-ground projects (e.g., habitat restoration, passage improvements, research, etc.) needed to address threats or information needs to Pacific Lamprey and their habitats in each RMU. The purpose of this process is to encourage communication and collaboration among partners, and facilitate the funding and implementation of high priority conservation and research projects that directly benefit Pacific and other lamprey species.

    Only projects developed through this process will be considered for funding through PLCI's funding sources. Parties interested in submitting a project proposal for FY22 are encouraged to review the documents below, and reach out directly to the lead for the RMU their proposed project would occur in.

    FY22 RIP Project Template* FY22 RIP Proposal Guidance*

    * Files are Adobe .pdf. Contact the Initiative Coordinator if you need the documents in an alternative file format.

  • RMU Lead Contact Information

    1. California South Coast - Damon Goodman (
    2. San Joaquin - Damon Goodman (
    3. California South Central Coast - Damon Goodman (
    4. California San Francisco Bay - Damon Goodman (
    5. California North Central Coast - Damon Goodman (
    6. Sacramento - Damon Goodman (
    7. California North Coast - Damon Goodman (
    8. Oregon Coast - Jennifer Poirier ( and Kelly Coates (
    9. Willamette - Ann Gray (
    10. Lower Columbia - Jennifer Poirier (
    11. Mid-Columbia - Jennifer Poirier ( and Aaron Jackson (
    12. Snake - John Erhardt ( and Tod Sween (
    13. Upper Columbia - Ann Grote (
    14. Mainstem Columbia/Snake - John Netto ( and Sean Tackley (
    15. Washington Coast - Miranda Plumb (
    16. Puget Sound/Straight of Juan de Fuca - Miranda Plumb (
    17. Alaska - Katie Shink (, Trent Sutton (, and Sabrina Garcia (
    18. North Pacific Ocean - Benjamin Clemens (
Last Updated: April 20, 2021
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