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The Pacific Lamprey Conservation Agreement


The Pacific Lamprey Conservation Initiative has three key components: the Assessment and Template for Conservation Measures; the Conservation Agreement; and Regional Implementation Plans.


The Pacific Lamprey Conservation Agreement represents a cooperative effort among natural resource agencies and tribes to reduce threats to Pacific Lamprey and improve their habitats and population status.

  • The Conservation Agreement


    Conservation Agreement cooperative efforts will:

    a) develop Regional Implementation Plans (RIPs) derived from existing information and relevant planning documents;
    b) implement conservation actions;
    c) promote scientific research;
    d) monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of those actions.

    View the Conservation Agreement
  • Conservation Agreement Addendum


    Modifications to the Conservation Agreement must be mutually agreed upon by all signatories, and all changes shall be executed in writing as an addendum to the original Agreement.

    View the Conservation Agreement Addendom
  • Interim Operating Guidelines


    The Guldelines help facilitate funding decisions for priority, unfunded lamprey actions. Guideline processes are comprised of four basic parts:

    1) Regional Management Unit (RMU) Groups develop and periodically update a list of potential restoration or research, monitoring, and evaluaion actions;

    2) RMU Groups develop and periodically update RIPs that advance priority actions and provide a clear, but concise rationale for their implementation;

    3) The Conservation Team (CT) evaluates RIPs to ensure implementation proceeds fcoordination and consultation among all affected and relevant parties, and;

    4) The CT provides the RMU recommendations to the Policy Committee to support identification and development of the necessary funding to implement these actions.

    View the Agreement's Interim Operating Guidelines
  • Conservation Agreement Committees


    The Conservation Agreement includes several committees comprised of Agreement signatories, interested Sovereigns, or all interested stakeholders, depending on the committee's function. The Guidelines describe the primary function of each committee.

    Learn More About the Conservation Agreement CommitteesPast Meetings
Last Updated: September 27, 2019
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