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Coastal Program (pdf 226K)

Conservation Partnership Program (pdf 100K)

Facts About Rats (pdf 254K)

Hawai‘i Fish Habitat Partnership (pdf 1.80M)

Kaua‘i Cave Animals (pdf 1.02M)

Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative (pdf 2.69M)

Partners Program (pdf 117K)

Recovery Land Acquisition Grants (pdf 178K)

Safe Harbor Agreement (pdf 320K)


Fanihi Poster - Chamorro Version (pdf 1.27M)

Fanihi Poster - English Version (pdf 1.25M)

Guam and Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Animals and Plants - Listed Species (pdf 14K)

Hawaiian Islands Animals - Listed Species (pdf 65K)

Hawaiian Islands Plants - Listed Species (pdf 89K)

Native Plant Propagation (pdf 2.1M)

Nēnē & Hawai'i's Farmers - Living Together in Harmony (pdf 1.75M)

Petition Process - For requests to list a species as threatened or endangered (pdf 135K)

Section 7 Flowchart (pdf 34K)

Final EA for the Revised Master Plan for Limahuli Garden and Preserve (pdf 2.43M)

State of the Birds 2010 Report Highlights Vulnerability of Oceanic, Hawaiian Birds


Last updated: September 20, 2012
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