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Conservation and Restoration


The recovery of listed species and the habitats upon which they depend is the ultimate purpose of the endangered species program and the guiding principle for all of our work. Recovery of imperiled species depends on strong partnerships between Federal, State, and private organizations, and individuals.

  • Partners for Fish and Wildlife

    The Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program is part of the Conservation Partnerships Program, a collection of voluntary habitat restoration programs with the goal of restoring native Pacific Island ecosystems through collaborative projects.

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  • Coastal Program

    The mission of the Pacific Islands Coastal Program is to protect and recover Federal Trust Species through collaborative, voluntary restoration and enhancement of high-priority coastal habitats. The Coastal Program provides financial and technical assistance to on-the-ground habitat restoration and protection projects through locally-based field coordinators in 23 coastal areas around the nation.

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  • Fisheries Partnerships Program

    The Fisheries Partnerships Program carries out the National Fish Passage Program and provides coordination and support for the Hawaii Fish Habitat Program. These programs plan and develop voluntary aquatic habitat conservation projects by working with landowners, other government agencies, and non-government organizations. Focus habitats include streams, estuaries, and coastal marine areas throughout the Pacific Islands region.

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  • Candidate Conservation Program

    The mission of the Candidate Conservation Program (CCP) is to prevent the need to list species as threatened or endangered species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Through the Candidate Conservation Program, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service partners with private landowners, non-profit organizations, States, Territories, and Commonwealths to develop and implement proactive conservation strategies aimed at removing or reducing threats to declining, non-listed, native species.  

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  • Species Recovery

    Working with partners, the Service uses a range of conservation tools to "recover" endangered and threatened species—to ensure that they are secure members of their ecosystems. These tools include restoring and acquiring habitat, removing introduced animal predators or invasive plant species, conducting surveys, monitoring individual populations, and breeding species in captivity and releasing them into their historic range.

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  • ESA Section 6 Grants

    Conservation Grants provide financial assistance to States and Territories to implement conservation projects for listed species and at-risk species. Funded activities include habitat restoration, species status surveys, public education and outreach, captive propagation and reintroduction, nesting surveys, genetic studies, and development of management plans.

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