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Invasive Species


The Pacific Islands Fish and Wildlife Office’s Invasive Species Program was formally established in 2002 to coordinate the prevention of the establishment of introduced invasive species that negatively affect or have the potential to affect the USFWS trust resources and their habitats within the Pacific Ecoregion. The program supports the development and implementation of control, management, and eradication techniques for incipient and established invasive species populations as well as providing cross-programmatic technical assistance for habitat restoration and species recovery.


  • Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)

    Invasive Species Program AIS staff work with internal and external partners to prevent, control, mitigate effects, and eradicate aquatic invasive species.

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  • Avian Health

    Diseases such as avian influenza is endemic in wild populations of waterfowl and many other species of birds.

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  • Brown Tree Snake

    The introduction of the brown treesnake to the Territory of Guam has caused significant ecological, economic and human health impacts.

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  • Mammalian Predators

    Introduced rodents, the small Indian mongoose, and feral cats have had devastating impacts on oceanic islands worldwide.

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