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Pacific Region Rural Fire Assistance Program

The Pacific Region has distributed nearly $850,000 in Rural Fire Assistance funds from FY2001 thru FY2006. Approximately 70 individual departments have directly benefited from these grants. Money has also been given to state organizations within the region, for dispersement to rural fire departments. Funds have been used for wildland fire training, personal protective equipment, radios, and firefighting equipment. In some cases, funds have been used by smaller departments to purchase needed items such as tires and pump repairs. Although no funds were used by departments to purchase firefighting vehicles, grant funds were used to outfit vehicles after acquisition through the Federal Excess Property program.

Incident Management Team Participation

The Pacific Region continues to be a very active player in large fire and incident support. This year, the region held primary positions on four area Type II teams, one national Type I team, and also filled roles at the Northwest Coordination Center. By actively participating in these capacities, the region continues to increase its fire leadership personnel and further develop its relationships with interagency partners.


Last updated: February 8, 2012
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