Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge

Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1980 to conserve and protect endangered and threatened fish, wildlife, and plant species. Conservation of the light-footed clapper rail was the primary impetus for the creation of the Refuge.

The Refuge is part of a larger unit called the Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve, which is administered by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. The Tijuana Reserve is one of 22 National Estuarine Research Reserves created nationwide to enhance scientific and public understanding of estuaries, and thereby contribute to improved estuarine management.

The draft management plan available below has been prepared to guide the Reserve in fulfilling its mission of estuarine resource protection over the period 1998-2003. This plan also serves as the comprehensive management plan for the Refuge.

Draft Management Plan Available for Comment
A collaborative effort of an 18-member task force, the draft management plan includes chapters on resource management and restoration, research, public education, public use and involvement, facilities, and watershed coordination. While the earlier 1986 Management Plan for the Estuarine Reserve focused heavily on the northern end of the Reserve and led to completion of the Visitor Center, the current plan lends more focus to the southern end of the Reserve, with particular emphasis on restoration of Goat Canyon. Tijuana Estuary is the first of the estuarine research reserves to produce a plan from a multi-agency task force.

A public meeting was held Tuesday, December 9 to present and discuss the draft comprehensive management plan. The meeting began with a series of presentations by members of the Management Plan Task Force who worked with the environmental consulting firm CONCUR to prepare the plan. Presenters included Phil Jenkins, Gail Sevrens, and Tessa Roper of Department of Parks and Recreation; Rebecca Young and Dean Rundle of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service; Candy Ricks of the Tijuana River Valley Equestrian Association; and Rick Ripasi of County Parks. Participants were invited to a series of stations where they could read more about the plan, view graphics, and meet the authors.

The public comment period for the draft management plan ends January 26, 1998. Please feel free to use the on-line comment form or to mail any and all comments you have on the plan to either of the following:

Phil Jenkins, Reserve Manager
Tijuana River NERR
301 Caspian Way
Imperial Beach, CA 91932-3149


Dean Rundle, Refuge Manager
San Diego National Wildlife Refuge
2736 Loker Ave. West, Suite A
Carlsbad, CA 92008


  • Draft Comprehensive Management Plan, Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve and Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge. To read the following files, you must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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