Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge
Final Comprehensive Conservation Plan

The Nisqually Refuge's Final Comprehensive Conservation Plan and Environmental Impact Statement (CCP/EIS) and a Summary of Changes were recently distributed. These documents are posted on below. Changes to the final documents are highlighted in yellow.


Table of Contents (140KB)

Chapter 1, Introduction, Purpose, and Need, and Issues (186KB)

Chapter 2, Alternatives (253KB)

Chapter 2 Tables (71KB)

Chapter 3 Affected Environment (1,848KB)

Chapter 4 Environmental Consequences (513KB)

Chapter 4 Tables (513KB)

Chapter 5 Relationships to Federal, State, and Local Policies and Plans (148KB)

Chapter 6 Compliance, Consultation, and Coordination with Others (113KB)


Figure 1.1-1 (pg 1-3) Regional Context (1,417KB)

Figure 1.1-2 (pg 1-5) Current Ownership within CCP Study Area (1,925KB)

Figure 2.3-1 (pg 2-9) Alternative A: No Action (4,196KB)

Figure 2.3-2 (pg 2-11) Alternative B: Refuge Expansion of 2,407 Acres and Minimum Estuarine Restoration (1,417KB)

Figure 2.3-3 (pg 2-17) Alternative C: Refuge Expansion of 2,407 Acres and Moderate Estuarine Restoration (4,212KB)

Figure 2.3-4 (pg 2-21) Alternative D: Refuge Expansion of 3,479 Acres and Maximum Estuarine Restoration (4,234KB)

Figure 3.2-1 (pg 3-11) Major Habitat Types and Wildlife Typical of the Refuge (12,329KB)

Figure 3.2-2 (pg 3-13) CCP Study Area Habitat Types (1,979KB)

Figure 3.2-3 (pg 3-15) National Wetland Inventory of Regional Estuarine Wetlands (1,462KB)

Figure 3.2-4 (pg 3-17) Historic (1878) and Current Wetlands in the Nisqually Delta (2,189KB)

Figure 3.2-6 (pg 3-27) Distribution of Invasive Reed Canary Grass, 1997 (2,377KB)

Figure 3.4-1 (pg 3-37) Waterfowl Survey Units (2,327KB)

Figure 3.6-1 (pg 3-51) Current Authorized Public Recreation within the Study Area (1,805KB)

Figure 3.8-1 (pg 3-69) Special Designated Areas (3,675KB)

FINAL CCP/EIS Appendices

Appendix A Glossary of Terms (157KB)

Appendix B Distribution List (211KB)

Appendix C References (144KB)

Appendix D Applicable Laws and Executive Orders (105KB)

Appendix E Nisqually Species List (178KB)

Appendix F Plan Implementation (201KB)

Appendix G Compatibility Determinations (148KB)

Appendix H List of Preparers (147KB)

Appendix I Goals, Objectives, and Strategies (213KB)

Appendix J Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport Modeling Summary (109KB)

Appendix K Land Protection Plan (620KB)

Appendix L Wilderness Review (77KB)

Appendix M Summary of Public Comment and the Service's Responses (492KB)

Project Contacts:

For Information on the Refuge and CCP/EIS
Jean Takekawa
, Refuge Manager
Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge
100 Brown Farm Road
Olympia, Washington 98516
Phone: 360/753-9467 Fax: 360/534-9302

For Information on the CCP Planning Process
Mike Marxen, CCP Team Leader
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
16507 SW Roy Rogers Road
Sherwood, Oregon 97140
Phone: 503/590-6596 Fax: 503/590-6702

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