Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge
Draft Comprehensive Conservation Plan and
Environmental Impact Statement

The Nisqually Refuge's Draft Comprehensive Conservation Plan and Environmental Impact Statement (CCP/EIS) were recently distributed. These documents are posted below.


Draft CCP/EIS (4,194KB)

Figure 1.1-1 Regional Context (303KB)

Figure 1.1-2 Current Ownership within CCP Study Area (2,379KB)

Figure 2.3-1 Alternative A: No Action (4,758KB)

Figure 2.3-2 Alternative B: Refuge Expansion of 2,407 Acres and Minimum Estuarine Restoration (4,757KB)

Figure 2.3-3 Alternative C: Refuge Expansion of 2,407 Acres and Moderate Estuarine Restoration (3,735KB)

Figure 2.3-4 Alternative D: Refuge Expansion of 3,479 Acres and Maximum Estuarine Restoration (4,786KB)

Figure 3.2-1 Major Habitat Types and Wildlife Typical of the Refuge (11,429KB)

Figure 3.2-2 CCP Study Area Habitat Types (2,497KB)

Figure 3.2-3 National Wetland Inventory of Regional Estuarine Wetlands (1,010KB)

Figure 3.2-4 Historic (1878) and Current Wetlands in the Nisqually Delta (1,594KB)

Figure 3.2-6 Distribution of Invasive Reed Canary Grass, 1997 (1,767KB)

Figure 3.4-1 Waterfowl Survey Units (1,817KB)

Figure 3.6-1 Current Authorized Public Recreation within the Study Area (1,881KB)

Figure 3.8-1 Special Designated Areas (4,410KB)

Draft CCP/EIS Appendices (253KB)

Project Contacts:

For Information on the Refuge and CCP/EIS
Jean Takekawa
, Refuge Manager
Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge
100 Brown Farm Road
Olympia, Washington 98516
Phone: 360/753-9467 Fax: 360/534-9302

For Information on the CCP Planning Process
Mike Marxen, CCP Team Leader
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
16507 SW Roy Rogers Road
Sherwood, Oregon 97140
Phone: 503/590-6596 Fax: 503/590-6702

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