Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge

Pacific Region

Dungeness spit
Dungeness Spit headland/Paul Schultz

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Contact the Refuge Complex Office

By mail:
Jennifer Brown-Scott
Project Leader
Washington Maritime National Wildlife Refuge Complex
715 Holgerson Road
Sequim, WA 98382

By fax: 360-457-9778

By email: FW1PlanningComments@fws.gov

Information Updated as of January 2013

Comprehensive Conservation Plan

Status of Dungeness NWR's CCP Process: November 2013

Our final CCP and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) are completed and are available below. We have also published Planning Update 4, which summarizes the final CCP and our decision. Your feedback has been an important element in developing the final CCP. The document can be accessed below or at libraries listed in Planning Update 4. You can also call the Refuge Complex office to request the CCP on a CD. Our news release and Federal Register Notice of Availability announcing the final documents are also available. The FONSI, and final CCP chapters and appendices, follow.

Title Page, Table of Contents, and FONSI PDF 8 MB

Chapter 1 Introduction and Background PDF 5 MB

Chapter 2 Management Direction PDF 11MB

Chapter 3 Physical Environment PDF 1 MB

Chapter 4 Biological Environment PDF 1 MB

Chapter 5 Human Environment PDF 8 MB

Appendices A-M PDF 13 MB

Our draft CCP is completed and is available below. We have also published our third planning update, which summarizes the draft management alternatives. We continue to request public comments; your feedback has been an important element in developing these proposed alternatives. The comment period for the draft CCP ended February 28, 2013.

See the planning update or the information below on how to contact the Refuge and provide input. The document can be accessed online (see below) or at libraries listed in Planning Update 3. You can also call the Refuge Complex office to request the draft CCP on a CD.

Draft CCP, Chapters 1-2, November 2012 ( pdf 8.9 mb)

Draft CCP, Chapters 3-6, November 2012 (pdf 3.0 mb)

Draft CCP, Appendicies A-G, November 2012 (pdf 1.2 mb)

Draft CCP, Appendicies H-L, November 2012 (pdf 4.4 mb)

Planning Update 3, November 2012

News Release, December 7, 2012

News Release, November 28, 2012

News Release, January 23, 2012

Planning Update 2, January 2012

Public Scoping Report

Comparison of Preliminary Draft Alternatives


Send any comments, questions, or concerns to FW1PlanningComments@fws.gov.

Please put "Dungeness NWR CCP" in the subject line.


Dungeness NWR's CCP Planning Documents Available Online:
You can read, print, or download the following documents online using Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (PDF). A free copy of the Adobe software is available from the Adobe website.

Planning Updates:

Planning Update 1(pdf 1,051 kb), released October 2011, describes the refuge, refuge vision, preliminary issues and concerns, preliminary goals, requests public input and comments about the refuge.

Planning Update 2 (pdf 990 kb), released January 2012,summarizes scoping comments, presents preliminary draft alternatives, explains appropriate and compatible uses, includes map.

Planning Update 3 (pdf 1,367 kb), released November 2012,summarizes draft alternatives, includes public use map.

Federal Register Notices:

Notice of Intent,September 27, 2011

News Releases:

News release announcing the preparation of a CCP, October 3, 2011

News release announcing preliminary draft alternatives, January 3, 2012