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Comprehensive Conservation Plan

Current Status: as of January 2012

In September 2011, our Comprehensive Conservation Plan was signed by our Regional Director, along with a Finding of No Significant Impact. A planning update summarizing the management direction chosen for the Refuge and ways the public can stay involved will be published soon.

In July 2011, the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge distributed Planning Update 3, announcing the availability of the Draft CCP and EA. We invite your comments on the draft plan and plan to publish the Final CCP/EA later this year.

In February 2011, the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge distributed Planning Update 2, in it we provided a summary of the public comments we received during public scoping, and identified preliminary goals and alternatives for public review and comment.

In June 2009, the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge distributed Planning Update 1, in it we provided an overview of the Refuge, preliminary issues, and invited the public to an open house held June 16, 2009, in Othello, WA.

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CCP Planning Documents Available Online:

You can read, print, or download the following documents online using Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (PDF). A free copy of the Adobe software is available from the Adobe website.

The CCP is completed!

Columbia NWR Final CCP (pdf 6,446 kb)

The Draft CCP/EA is available for comment!

Columbia NWR Draft CCP/EA (pdf 30,950 kb)

Planning Updates:
Planning Update 1, June 2009 (pdf 1,678 kb)

Planning Update 2, February 2011
(pdf 1,747 kb)

Federal Register Notices:
Notice of Intent

Information Updated as of: February 2011