Camas National Wildlife Refuge

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Long-billed curlew
Long-billed curlew / USFWS

Submitting Comments:

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Address comments and questions to:
Refuge Manager
Camas National Wildlife Refuge
2150 East 2350 North
Hamer, Idaho 83425
Phone: (208) 662-5423
Fax: (208) 662-5525

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Comprehensive Conservation Plan

Status of CCP:

January 2014 - The Camas National Wildlife Refuge Draft Comprehensive Conservation Plan/Environmental Assessment (DCCP/EA) is available for public review and comments. The DCCP/EA includes our analysis of Refuge management alternatives. The management alternatives are summarized inĀ Planning Update 4, which includes our answers to the top three DCCP/EA related questions, and announces the following events.
- The public review and comment period for the DCCP/EA is January 9-February 10, 2014.
- We will hold two Public Open House Meetings, the details follow.

You are Invited to our Public Open House Meetings
The following meetings are opportunities for you to ask questions about
and provide comments on the DCCP/EA.

Idaho Falls
Date: January 22, 2014 Time: 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Location: Idaho Falls Public Library, 457 W. Broadway, Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Date: January 23, 2014 Time: 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Location: Hamer Community Center, 2087 Old Butte Highway, Hamer, ID 83425

May 2012 - Planning Update 3 summarizes the preliminary draft alternatives we developed to address the primary management issues.

January 2011 - Planning Update 2 summarizes the comments we received from the public and lists the primary management issues to analyze in the CCP.

August-October 2010 - The Refuge initiated a planning and public involvement process to develop a Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) (see Planning Update 1) for the Refuge. The CCP will guide Refuge management for 15 years. Public comments were requested and accepted through October 17, 2010. The comments helped us identify Refuge management issues.

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CCP Planning Documents Available Online:

You can read, print, or download the following documents online using Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (PDF). A free copy of the Adobe software is available from the Adobe website.

Camas National Wildlife Refuge Draft Comprehensive Conservation Plan/Environmental Assessment

Planning Updates

Planning Update 4, January 2014, (pdf 3,364 kb)

Planning Update 3, May 2012 (pdf 1,108 kb)

Planning Update 2, January 2011 (pdf 1,105 kb)

Planning Update 1, August 2010 (pdf 675 kb)

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