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For Information on the National Wildlife Refuge System:
Michael "Mitch" Mitchell, Deputy Project Leader
Kauai National Wildlife Refuge Complex
PO Box 1128
Kilauea, HI 96754
Phone: 808/828-1413 or Fax: 808/828-6634

For Information on Land Acquisition:
Georgia Shirilla, Chief, Acquisition Branch
Division of Realty
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
911 NE 11th Avenue
Portland, OR 97232
Phone: 503/231-2236 or toll free 800/662-8933
Fax: 503/231-6161

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What is the Land Conservation Planning Study? The Fish and Wildlife Service is conducting a study to determine the feasibility and effects of acquiring and managing important wildlife habitats as additions to the Kilauea Point Refuge, and conserving native wildlife species that occur there.

Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge
Land Conservation Planning Study

Current Status:
Planning Update 1, distributed in May 2005, (posted on the left) describes the legislation that authorizes refuge expansion. It also—lists the wildlife species and habitats that would benefit from the additions; describes the planning process; and presents the preliminary land protection alternatives. Comments on the information provided in the Update were due June 30, 2005.

Planning Update 2, distributed in November 2005, (posted on the left) includes a summary of the questions and comments we received from the public and our responses. A map is also included and is referred to in some of the Service's responses.

Planning Update 3, distributed in May 2007, announces the completion of the Land Conservation Plan and Environmental Assessment (posted on the left) and the beginning of the public comment period, provides summaries and maps of the land conservation alternatives, and announces a public open house on May 16, 2007, where participants will be able to provide comments, have their questions answered, and learn more about the project. Public comments on the LCP/EA should be received by June 15, 2007.

Planning Update 4, distributed in September 2007, announces the decision to expand the refuge.

Documents Available Online: The following documents can be accessed using Adobe Acrobat's free Portable Document Format (PDF). The software is available from the Adobe website.

Land Conservation Plan/ Environmental Assessment, May 2007 (PDF file 36 MB)

Planning Updates:

Planning Update 4, September 2007 (PDF file 54mb)

Planning Update 3, May 2007 (PDF file 20mb)

Planning Update 2, November 2005 (PDF file 225kb)

Map Insert for Planning Update 2 (PDF file 18mb)

Planning Update 1, May 2005 (PDF File 151kb)

Alternative B Map May 2005
(PDF File 18mb)

Alternative C Map May 2005
(PDF File 18mb)

Alternative D Map May 2005
(PDF File 18mb)

Information Updated as of: September 2007