News Release

April 25, 2012

Tigard Student Wins the Oregon 2012 Federal Junior Duck Stamp Competition

Media Contacts:
Pam Johnson, (541) 867-4550

Amy Roluffs, a 17 year-old Junior who attends Tigard High School has won Best of Show for Oregon. Her acrylic painting of a wood duck represented Oregon in the 2012 National Federal Junior Duck Stamp Contest that was held on April 20th at the Patuxent Research Refuge in Laurel, Maryland. Amy's artwork placed ninth at the National Competition with an Honorable Mention.

Amy has loved drawing for as long as she can remember. She took her first lesson in first grade at the YMCA during a "mini-Monet" class taught by Kathy Mier and has been taking structured lessons with one of her triplet sisters, Megan, at Kathy Mier's studio, The Renaissance School of Fine Art since fourth grade. With the support of her family, Amy has entered and placed in other competitions as well. Last year her team was a semi-finalist for the Van's Custom Culture Contest and she received Second Place and the T-shirt award at the Rose City Classic Dog Shows Student Art Contest for two years. Amy has entered the Oregon Federal Junior Duck Stamp Competition for the past eight years and has drawn a wood duck each year. During that time, she has received two-Honorable Mentions, one-Third Place, two-Second Place, two-First Place, and this years' Best of Show. Amy chose acrylic to portray her duck this year due to the fine detail and photorealistic style she is able to achieve with this medium.

The 1st place winner of the National competition is Christine Clayton of Ohio. She will have her artwork portrayed on the 2012-2013 Junior Duck Stamp. With this honor, she will be awarded a $5,000 cash award and along with one parent or guardian and her teacher, will receive a free trip to participate in the First Day of Sale ceremony in late June/early July. The second place National winner is Matthew Messina of Connecticut and he will receive $3,000. Third place winner Hyun Wang of California will receive $2,000.

A five-judge panel had the challenge of selecting the winning artwork from the 387 entries received from throughout Oregon. The judging for the Oregon competition was held at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Regional Office in Portland on Tuesday, April 10, 2012. This year's judges were Mark Nebeker, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife; Robyn Thorson, Regional Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Esther Lev, The Wetlands Conservancy; Peter Mathios, Freelance Artist; and Bruce Taylor, Oregon Habitat Joint Venture. The coordinator for the Oregon competition is Pam Johnson, Administrative Officer for the Oregon Coast National Wildlife Refuge Complex in Newport.

The Federal Junior Duck Stamp Program is a nationwide competition, sponsored by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which integrates art and science in a curriculum that fosters student awareness and appreciation of waterfowl and wetlands through artistic talent. Public, private, and home school students from kindergarten through twelfth grade are encouraged to compete in this unique "conservation through the arts" program.

Junior Duck Stamps can be purchased for $5.00 at the U.S. Postal Service or from Amplex Corporation Consignees. Proceeds from the sale of Junior Duck Stamps support conservation education, awards and scholarships.

The top 36 results of the Oregon 2012 Federal Junior Duck Stamp Competition are as follows:

Amy Roluffs, Age 17, Renaissance School of Fine Art

1st Place: Rithwik Narendra, Age 8, Art with Ingrid Harper
Audrey Zhao, Age 7, Sun Century Art Academy
Diane Choi, Age 8, Raleigh Hills Elementary

2nd Place: Melinda Lin, Age 6, Sun Century Art Academy
Roselyn Dai, Age 8, Sun Century Art Academy
Jennifer Wang, Age 8, Sun Century Art Academy

3rd Place: Julia Lin, Age 8, Creative Minds Art Studio
Stanley Wang, Age 9, Jiao Ying Chinese Culture & Art School
Joshua Ji, Age 7, Sun Century Art Academy

1st Place: Sara Shao, Age 10, Sun Century Art Academy
Anshul Arunkumar, Age 10, Jiao Ying Chinese Culture & Art School
Katie King, Age 13, St Stephens Academy

2nd Place: Jessica Xiao, Age 11, Sun Century Art Academy
Rachel Choi, Age 10, Chehalem Elementary School
Laura Jian, Age 12, Sun Century Art Academy

3rd Place: Elaine Zheng, Age 11, Sun Century Art Academy
Max Chu, Age 11, Hong Bai School
Jennifer Kang, Age 11, Jacob Wismer Elementary School

1st Place: Maddy Mier, Age 14, Renaissance School of Fine Art
Elsa Harris, Age 14, Homeschool
Yuan Zhang, Age 13, Sun Century Art Academy

2nd Place: Stanley Sun, Age 13, Creative Minds Art Studio
Jimin Park, Age 14, Jiao Ying Chinese Culture & Art
Kahea Chatham, Age 15, St. Stephens Academy

3rd Place: Isabel Chen, Age 15, Sun Century Art Academy
Rachel Shi, Age 12, Sun Century Art Academy
Amy Lu, Age 13, Sun Century Art Academy

GRADES 10-12
1st Place: Yixin Zhang, Age 16, Sun Century Art Academy
Sarah Hansen, Age 15, St. Louis Art Studio

2nd Place: Xueyin Wen, Age 18, Sun Century Art Academy
Gabriel Camilli, Age 17, St. Louis Art Studio
Jordyn Brenneman, Age 18, St. Louis Art Studio

3rd Place: Emily Southgate, Age 15, St. Stephens Academy
Megan Roluffs, Age 17, Renaissance School of Fine Art
Hannah Wang, Age 15, Sun Century Art Academy

For information, please contact Pam Johnson, Oregon Junior Duck Stamp Coordinator or Roy W. Lowe, Project Leader, Oregon Coast National Wildlife Refuge Complex (541) 867-4550.

Conservation Message Winner for Oregon

Urvi Joshi, Age 13 from Portland "Conservation holds the world together."

Honorable Mention Winners (no particular order)

Rhea Wagh, Portland
Anya Bohra, Portland

John Schuler, Portland
Krish Aditya, Portland
Sarah Happel, Portland
Aliza Lee, Beaverton
Abigail Engel, Salem
Philip Xue, Portland
Kum Kum Nema, Portland
Matthew Lei, Portland
Sheila Chen, Lake Oswego
Aimee Yuan, Portland
Catherine Nguyen, Portland
Miles Blackwell, Portland
Nathan Williams, Beaverton
Anya Pan, Portland
Urvi Joshi, Portland
Jordan Lei, Portland
Eric Wang, Portland
Annie Jamison, Portland
Brianna Bonham, Aloha
Darby Bolan, Tualatin
Jennie Wang, Beaverton
Steven Cen, Portland
Jiangning Lu, West Linn
Sophia Cheon, Portland
Shannon Gu, Lake Oswego
Andrew Yang, Portland
Ina Wang, Portland
Greta Harris, Powell Butte
Renee Crick, Beaverton
Gina Pulleiro, Canyon City
Isabelle Zheng, Portland
Stuti Garg, Portland
Aliris Tang, Wilsonville
Kyleigh Layman, Tigard
Valerie Rehrig, Hillsboro
Sivia Cheng, Portland
Kalina Winstead, Portland
Natalie Bartels, Portland
Nhu Phan, Beaverton
Owen Chu, Lake Oswego
Joy Zhou, Portland
Alyssa Shi, Beaverton
Ingrid Harris, Powell Butte
Heidi Schuler, Portland
Ryan Zhao, Portland
Daniel Dirksen, Tigard
Lillian Thomas, Ashland
Jimmy Jia, Portland
Ezra Boden, Hillsboro
Austin Mier, Tigard
Connie Fan, Portland
Shreya Jain, Beaverton
Mariah Frazier, Canyon City
Allie Donahue, Portland
Catherine Murphy, Portland
Olivia Schneider, Portland
Ellen Holt, Happy Valley
Haejung Yoon, Lake Oswego
Wade Cates, Mt Vernon
Kennedy Nash, John Day
Kimberley Irwin, Mt Vernon
Taylor Douglass, Mt Vernon