News Release

September 8, 2011

Statement of United States Attorney for the District of Idaho Regarding Resolution of the Matter Involving Jeremy Hill

Media Contacts:
SYRENA C. HARGROVE, Civil Chief (208) 334-1211

BOISE - The United States Attorney's Office for the District of Idaho announces that it is dismissing the pending misdemeanor criminal charge against Jeremy Hill for the killing of a grizzly bear on Mr. Hill's property on May 8, 2011.

Mr. Hill has agreed that, under the applicable provisions of the Endangered Species Act and related Regulations, his actions on May 8, 2011 constituted a violation of one of regulations authorized by the Endangered Species Act. These implementing regulations of the Endangered Species Act prohibit removing nuisance bears, except authorized by government authorities. Mr. Hill has been issued a notice of violation and paid a $1,000 fine.

During the course of their investigation, state and federal wildlife officials were unable to establish the location of Mr. Hill's children when the three grizzly bears were first sighted in the yard, about forty yards from the Hill home. Mr. Hill informed law enforcement that he last saw his children outside playing basketball in front of their home, but that he did not know where his children were when he saw the three grizzly bears near his pig pen. He stated that he was concerned for his children's welfare. By the time Mr. Hill fired the final shot, he was aware that all of his children and his wife were inside of their house.

U.S. Attorney Wendy J. Olson announced that dismissal of the criminal charge in favor of the citation was based in part on Mr. Hill's prompt notification of his actions to Idaho Fish & Game officials. "The United States Attorney's Office well understands Mr. Hill is a concerned husband and father who wants to protect his family," said Olson. "Anyone who observes or hears of a grizzly bear near campsites or residences must immediately contact fish and wildlife officials. Federal, State and Tribal officials are mandated to act immediately and effectively to remove grizzly bears from populated areas. These regulations are designed to ensure citizen safety and protect the grizzly bear, which has been designated a Threatened Species under the Endangered Species Act."