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Special Purpose - Utility

A federal Utility permit authorizes for utilities to collect, transport, and temporarily possess migratory birds found dead on utility property, structures, and rights-of- way for mortality monitoring purposes.  This permit may also authorize relocation or destruction of active nests in emergency circumstances. Utilities include communication towers, electric, wind power, solar, and other power generation, and transmission entities.


Permit Details

Fee: $100.00

Duration: 3 years

Application: Form 3-200-81

Reporting: Annual (Jan. 31)

Annual Report: Form 3-202-17

Regulation: 50 CFR §21.27

Please Note:

  • Common Uses:

    • Opportunistic collection and disposal of carcasses

    • Post-construction monitoring projects, such as searcher efficiency and scavenger removal trials

    • Active nest relocation or destruction, in emergency situations

  • Permits must be issued to the utility company. A utility company’s consultant may act as an agent on all aspects of the permit, including serving as the primary contact; however, the utility company is the responsible party for the activities that occur and must sign for permit activities.

  • For facilities with electrocution and collision hazards, may refer to the Avian Power Line Interaction Committee’s guidance for reducing electrocutions and collisions.

  • Wind energy facilities and others may refer to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Land-Based Wind Energy Guidelines for information on structured, scientific processes for addressing wildlife conservation concerns at wind facilities, including recommendations for post- construction mortality monitoring protocols.

    Please contact our office at  or 503-872-2715 if you have questions about permits.

Last Updated: July 26, 2016
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