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Special Purpose Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous permits serve to authorize activities that are otherwise legal are consistent with the Migratory Bird Treaty Act but not otherwise authorized in a regulation.

Permit Details

Fee: $100.00

Duration: 3 years

Application Form: 3-200-10f

Reporting: Annual (Jan. 31)

Annual Report Form: 3-202-7

Regulation: 50 CFR §21.27

Please Note:

  • Due to the uniqueness of these permits, it is often best to contact us [] prior to applying.  Please allow at least 90 days for processing your application

  • hat covers a wide range of possible activities. Do your best to answer the questions as it applies to your circumstance. If you feel there is additional, relevant information not asked in the questions, please include a cover letter with that information.

  • Applicants must clearly demonstrate at least one of the following:

1. A sufficient showing of benefit to the migratory bird resource;

2. important research reasons;

3. reasons of human concern for individual birds; or

4. other compelling justification

Please contact our office at  or 503-872-2715 if you have questions about permits.

Last Updated: July 26, 2016
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