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Rehabilitation Permit

A Federal Rehabilitation Permit authorizes possession of sick, injured, and orphaned migratory birds for rehabilitation purposes.  Almost all birds are federally protected and require a rehabilitation permit to provide care.

Permit Details

Fee: $50

Duration: 5 years

Application Form: 3-200-10b

Annual Report Form: 3-202-4

Acquisition/Disposition Form: 3-202-12

Regulation: 50 CFR §21.31

Reporting: Yearly (Jan. 31)


  • Licensed Veterinarians may temporarily possess, stabilize, and euthanize sick and injured birds. Birds must be transferred to a permitted rehabilitator within 24 hours of stabilization to heal and condition for release. Please see 50 CFR § 21.12(c) for reporting and additional requirements.

  • The General Public may possess sick, injured, and orphaned migratory birds for immediate transfer to a permitted rehabilitator or licensed veterinarian. Please contact the rehabilitator or veterinarian PRIOR to picking up the bird!

Please contact our office at  or 503-872-2715 if you have questions about permits.



Last Updated: December 1, 2020
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