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 Educational Use permits authorize the possession of migratory birds for conservation education purposes.  This includes live birds, “dead” birds (mounted birds, specimens, and/or bird feathers, bones, eggs, nests, etc.), or both live and dead birds.  If you are interested in both live and dead birds, please follow the links for live birds below.

Permit Details

Fee: $75

 Duration: 3 years

 Application (Dead Only): Form 3-200-10d

 Application (Live): Form 3-200-10c

Reporting: Annual (Jan. 31)

Annual Report (Dead Only): Form 3-202-5

Annual Report (Live): Form 3-202-3

Regulation: 50 CFR § 21.27

Please Note:Certain facilities are exempt from needing an Educational Use permit. If you are a public scientific or educational institution or AZA accredited facilities please see if you qualify for the exemption from a permit (50 CFR §21.12(b)) .  

Please contact our office at  or 503-872-2715 if you have questions about permits.

Last Updated: May 6, 2016
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