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Taxidermy Frequently Asked Questions

A federal permit is required to perform taxidermy on migratory birds that are legally possessed by someone else.  The permit allows you to you possess migratory birds while you are performing taxidermy.

Who needs a taxidermy permit?

Someone performing taxidermy that does not have legal authority to possess migratory birds.  For example, someone performing taxidermy on a duck that was harvested by a hunter with a hunting license.  They hunter has authority to possess the bird under the hunting license.  The taxidermist needs a permit to possess the bird to perform the taxidermy.

Who doesn’t need a taxidermy permit?

Someone performing taxidermy on migratory birds that they already legally possess through a salvage, scientific, education, or other permit or exemption.  For example, someone with an education permit performing taxidermy on a new, legally acquired education specimen.

Mounted Birds

What birds can I mount?

You can mount any legally acquired or possessed migratory bird.  Legal acquisition includes permits (such as a salvage permit), licenses (such as a hunting license), or an exemption (such as Federal Agents). 

What is required of all mounted migratory birds?

All mounted birds must be tagged to demonstrate lawful acquisition including the name and permit number under which they were acquired.  They must remain tagged.

Can I sell taxidermy wild migratory birds, such as waterfowl?

No.  Wild birds cannot be sold, even as taxidermy.  You may sell mounts of captive-reared birds.  A copy of the original Notice of Transfer or Sale of Migratory Birds (Form 3-186) must be kept with the mount to document it is captive-reared.

Can I donate or dispose of taxidermy migratory birds?

Yes.  You may gift or destroy taxidermy migratory birds without a permit.

What is the Application Process?

How do I get a taxidermy permit?

You can apply by submitting a completed Taxidermy Permit Application.  Please ensure your application is complete and signed.  Please be aware that state permits may be required for your federal permit to be valid.

Can I submit my permit online?

No.  A paper copy with original signature must be mailed to the Migratory Bird Permit Office.

Migratory Bird Permit Office
911 NE 11th Ave
Portland, OR 97232-4181

How much is the fee?

The application processing fee is $100.

Can I pay with a credit card?

No.  At this time fees are only accepted in the form of check or money order.

What happens after I submit my application?

Your application will be reviewed by a Permit Biologist.  Permits are reviewed in the order received.  Most applicants will receive their permit or other correspondence from the Migratory Bird Permit Office within 90 days.

Permit Details

How long is my permit valid?

Taxidermy permits are valid for 5 years.

Is there an Annual Report?

No.  There is no Annual Report required.  However, records must be kept for 5 years at the address stated on the permit application. 

What if I move?

Please contact the Migratory Bird Permit Office to amend your permit to reflect your new address.

How do I renew my permit?

A renewal letter will be mailed to the address on your permit.  If you do not receive this letter or want to renew prior to receiving the renewal letter, you may submit a general renewal form with your name, address, permit number, and application processing fee requesting a renewal.

I returned my renewal, my permit has expired, and I don’t have my new permit yet.

If you returned your renewal letter by the date specified, your permit is considered valid until you receive further correspondence from the Migratory Bird Permit Office.  We will process your renewal as quickly as possible.  Please keep a copy of your signed and dated renewal letter until you received your renewed permit.


Last Updated: March 17, 2015
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